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Personalized Items


JustPictureThis.com - Personalized photo art designed especially for you from your pictures, reviving vintage photos, 
enlargements on canvas, gifts such as purses, plates, clocks lamp shades, Christmas tree skirts personalized with photos.
the 2 categories are Personalized Items and Gifts

All Printing To Please
Personalized photo frames, baby gifts, stationary, cards & invitation including Weddings, and so much more. Kids stuff includes baby announcements & invitations, party favors and personalized gifts.

ChelesTreasures    All projects are created "in house". This includes layout, printing, cutting and binding. Chele uses quality products as well as professional printing and cutting equipment to ensure a polished presentation. Labels, business cards, postcards and stationery from Chele’s Treasures offer a polished business presentation for consultants for any business whether home grown or direct sales oriented


    Letters from Santa Claus! coming again soon!
Delight your child this holiday season with a personalized letter from Santa.


Cards and Stationery & Party Supplies

THE 5 YEAR JOURNAL is a timely tool for entering The Millennium. It will enable you to journalize and plan the next 5 years with what you want, what you have felt, and where you have been. Year by year your entries add to the total summary of your feelings and events, until, on one page you can look back at the past years, up to 5 years - day by day - thought by thought - experience by experience. 
Makes a great gift!

All Printing To Please 
We carry personalized & blank greeting cards, invitations, announcements & stationery for Christmas & Holidays, weddings, showers, new baby, graduation, Quince Anos, birthday, anniversary & more! Also reception/party accessories & personalized gifts.

Makes Parties- Party Store & so much more!
Luau! Luau!, Light Up the Party!, Who's Your Favorite
Character paper plates and more, Precious Moments for Bridal & baby Showers, Are You Ready for. Some Football? What's New! What's Old! Our new items and our clearance stuff at great prices too!



Makes Parties- Party Store & so much more! Decorations for every occasion and holiday!



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May the kindness, joy and spirit of the Holidays be in your heart everyday!

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